Ultra Performance A Dental Unit

Product Description
The Ritter Ultra Performance A has many standard features that include traditional or optional Euro-type delivery, a self-contained water system, chair mounted assistants instrumentation, dual-intesity halogen operating light, multifunction foot controller, a comfortable and fully adjustable doctor stool and assistants stool, plush upholstery available in 12 colors, and a 10-year warranty.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Ultra Performance A Dental Unit

Ultra Performance A Traditional Delivery System
Technical Specification
Control Panel: Hygienic, disinfectable control panel
Foot Control: "Control of all moving directions of patient ðs chair Control of instruments with easy change between with/without irrigation Chip blower function"
Mounting: Chair
Type of Delivery System: Hanging
Assistants Instrumentation: "Assistant touch pad allows control for chair movement, cup filler and bowl rinsing Saliva ejector and high surgical suction lines Cup filler with tim
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Ultra Performance A Dental Unit
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