UltraBond Clear

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Product Description
DenMat recently introduced UltraBond Clear, a light-cure resin cement formulated for bonding Lumineers and other ceramic or composite veneers. Featuring a viscosity developed for optimal handling when placing veneers, and highly translucent clear and natural shades, UltraBond Clear is sure to provide final esthetics dentists and their patients will love. Formulated with over 35 years of innovation in resin cements, UltraBond Clear offers high bond strength and excellent color stability resulting in clinically reliable, long lasting veneer restorations at an affordable price. UltraBond Clear is packaged in a 3-g single-barrel syringe for easy to use, no mix, light-cure applications. It is available in an intro kit containing 1 syringe of each shade, etchant, porcelain conditioner and primer. Refill kits containing 3 syringes in either clear or natural shades are also available.


UltraBond Clear combines high bond strength with ease of handling and excellent esthetics. The product is very easy to use and place without running,” is how one dentist responded when asked what he liked most about DenMat’s UltraBond Clear light-cure resin cement. When asked the same question, another evaluator, with 38 years of experience, remarked, “We have not had one case of post-op sensitivity since we began using it.” Both of these evaluators gave the cement an overall rating of excellent and said they would definitely purchase it...

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UltraBond Clear
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