Ultracare Topical Anesthetic Gel

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Product Description
Ultracare Topical Anesthetic Gel Ultradent Ultracare combines rapid onset and effective relief with multiple delivery and flavor options. Benzocaine 20% is well accepted as an effective topical intraoral anesthetic.1 Ultracare Topical Anesthetic Gel, from Ultradent, is a 20% benzocaine anesthetic gel indicated for the temporary relief of minor irritation and pain associated with minor dental procedures, sore mouth and throat, minor gum injury, canker sores, and minor mouth and gum irritation related to dentures and orthodontic appliances. Ultracare comes in 5 flavors and provides clinicians with 5 delivery options for maximum versatility.


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Ultracare Topical Anesthetic Gel
Ultradent Products, Inc.
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