UltraGloss Composite Polishing Intro Set

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UltraGloss Composite Polishers are used for contouring and polishing anterior composite restorations on the labial surfaces of the teeth. The extremely flexible polishing surface conforms to the tooth, resulting in the creation of natural tooth anatomy. • Metal-free polisher surface prevents damage to restoration • Flexible design allows polisher to conform to the tooth structure • Super thin polishing disks create natural intraproximal and labial contours • Standard color coding for simplified selection of the correct polisher Intro Set contains: 15 of each polisher, 2 Qwikstrips for shaping and finishing intraproximal regions of the tooth and 2 mandrels

PRODUCT OPTIONS: UltraGloss Composite Polishing Intro Set

UltraGloss Composite Polishing Intro Set - UltraGloss Composite Polishing Intro Set
Technical Specification
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# LS-515




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UltraGloss Composite Polishing Intro Set
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