Universal Collimator

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Rinn's Universal Collimator is used to limit the radiation dose a patient receives during routine dental X-rays. This Universal Collimator can easily clip onto any round-headed long-cone X-ray unit, and therefore be transformed from round to the recommended rectangular collimation. This product cuts your patient radiation exposure by up to 51%. The patients are protected due to limiting the size of the primary X-ray beam to #2 film. The collimator prevents the misfocusing of X-rays by absorbing divergent radiation and preventing radiation leakage, when the beam is aligned. This can be used with several positioning systems including the XCP-ORA, XCP, XCP-DS, BAI, and EndoRay II. This product is in compliance with the NCRP Report 145.

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Universal Collimator # 0-3 - Universal Collimator # 0-3
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Universal Collimator
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