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The Amdent US30em is a new piezoelectric scaler manufactured by Amdent AB and marketed in the United States by Biotrol International. The upper assembly is a 1-piece, high-density composite material to prevent aerosols or disinfectants from penetrating the inner workings of the unit. The lower assembly is constructed of a polyvinylchloride-coated aluminum frame.

Each of the control knobs that protrude from various locations on the external case has a removable and fully autoclaveable silicone cover. Three Quick-a- Tips, which facilitate fast tip-changing and enhance infection control, and 2 sets of autoclaveable knob covers are included with each US30em; tips are available for a variety of procedures. As an option, the unit can be equipped with an endodontic function that reduces its power by 50% over the entire range.

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