Vantage Digital Panoramic System

Product Description
The Progeny Vantage® Digital Panoramic System has been designed to improve the way you work. With a full featured, Windows® computer integrated into the VantageTouch® column, Vantage gives you the flexibility to set-up exams and deliver diagnostic images chairside, giving you more time with the patient for positioning and image review. The Progeny Vantage® Panoramic System delivers the features necessary to support efficient imaging workflow in your practice and better patient care.
• Preview image on the VantageTouch® operator panel
• Five pre-programmed exam settings, including bitewing
• Open, compact design optimizes space requirements
• Progeny Clarity™ Enhanced Imaging Filter set provides superior diagnostic imaging options for more accurate diagnosis

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Vantage Digital Panoramic System

Vantage Digital Panoramic System
Technical Specification
Focal Spot: 0.5mm
Wall Mountable: Yes
Weight: 220
Generator: High frequency, constant potential
Weight Type: lbs
Sku# Vantage Digital Panoramic System




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Vantage Digital Panoramic System
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