VariolinkII Esthetic Cementation System

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VariolinkII Esthetic Cementation System is a two-component, micro-hybrid Ceromer dual-curing luting system for the adhesive luting of various dental material, resin Ceromers and all-ceramic restorations. • Cement recommended for IPS Empress restorations • Includes base and catalyst • Fluoride release • Dual and/or self-curing • High abrasion resistance • Radiopaque System contains: 1 (2.5 g) syringe of base cement in each shade: transparent, bleach XL-010, white 110/A1, opaque white, universal 210/A3 and brown 340/A4; 1 (2.5 g) syringe of high viscosity catalyst in each shade: transparent, yellow; 1 (2.5 g) syringe of low viscosity catalyst in each shade: transparent, yellow; 12 (0.1 g) unit dose vessels ExciTE DSC adhesive; 1 (2 g) syringe Total Etch 37% phosphoric acid etching gel; 1 (5 g) bottle of Monobond S silane coupling agent; 1 (2.5 g) syringe of Liquid Strip glycerin gel and accessories

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VariolinkII Esthetic Cementation System
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