Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque, 15 g

Product Description
Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque is a whitening effect that effortlessly matches Vintage Halo Porcelain to bleached teeth. This user friendly, feldspar-based porcelain has an even distribution of leucite in the glass matrix making it kind to the wear of opposing dentition and fracture resistant. Color particles are integrated in the porcelain frit, making Vintage Halo extremely color stable. Easy for simple two to three powder buildups and more complex multipowder restorations Unique two-frit glass matrix Resists vitrification Low shrinkage Resistance to cracking and steam tears

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque, 15 g

Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque, 15 g - W1O
Sku# 7771
Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque, 15 g - W2O
Sku# 7772
Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque, 15 g - W3O
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Vintage Halo Bleach Opaque, 15 g
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