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ViscoStat Clear

ViscoStat Clear

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Because ViscoStat Clear is viscous but spreadable, it allows for better placement and control.

Ultradent recently introduced ViscoStat Clear to the dental profession. The manufacturer calls this the next generation of aluminum chloride hemostatic agents. It was designed to stop minor bleeding and sulcular fluid quickly without leaving a residue.

The difference between ViscoStat Clear and other buffered aluminum chloride solutions, according to the manufacturer, is that it is viscous but easy to spread, which makes for easier handling. ViscoStat Clear is recommended before placement of anterior crowns and veneers.

Application Procedure

The procedure for applying ViscoStat Clear is described as a 3-step process:

  • 1. - An Ultradent 1.2 mL unit dose syringe is attached to the end of the ViscoStat IndiSpense syringe. Grasping the plunger of the IndiSpense syringe, gently depress while holding the plunger on the unit dose syringe.
  • 2. - Twist a Dento-Infusor tip securely onto the syringe.
  • 3. - Circle the preparation, expressing gel while rubbing until adequate hemostasis is obtained. Rub firmly until all bleeding stops.

When the 8 dentists who participated in this evaluation were asked to rate the application procedure for ViscoStat, 5 rated it as excellent and 3 rated it as very good. One evaluator said it “was very easy to use.” Another commented that “easy syringe delivery helps.” A third evaluator said, “The infuser tip is good, but the tip flares out. A tighter material on the end would be helpful.”

Bleeding Control

According to Ultradent, ViscoStat Clear rapidly stops bleeding and sulcular fluid. When the evaluators were asked to rate ViscoStat Clear on bleeding control, 2 rated it as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, 1 rated it as good, and 1 rated it as fair. One evaluator said that ViscoStat Clear “works as well or better than anything else I have tried.” Another evaluator said that bleeding was controlled long enough to complete procedures. A third evaluator said that bleeding control “could have lasted longer in some cases.”

Patient Reaction

The evaluators were asked to get their patients’ feedback with regard to the taste and smell of ViscoStat Clear. One evaluator rated his patients’ reaction as excellent, 3 rated it as very good, 2 rated it as fair, and 2 rated it as poor. One evaluator said, “Everyone hates the taste if it accidently gets in their mouth.” Another evaluator said his patients “didn’t like the taste, but it wasn’t as bad as some others (including my current agent).” A third evaluator said that ViscoStat Clear is “better than most others.”

Compatibility with Impression Materials

When the evaluators were asked about the importance of compatibility with impression materials when purchasing a hemostatic agent, 5 said it is very important and 3 said it is important. After they used ViscoStat Clear in their practices, the evaluators were asked to rate its compatibility with impression materials. Four evaluators rated it as excellent and 4 rated it as very good. One evaluator said that ViscoStat Clear “always rinsed off well, so [it] doesn’t seem to have a major effect in my office.” A second evaluator said that he “experienced no noticeable effects.”

Clean Up

According to Ultradent, ViscoStat Clear rinses off easily and doesn’t leave any debris behind. When the evaluators were asked to rate ViscoStat Clear on ease of clean up, 2 rated it as excellent, 4 rated it as very good, and 2 rated it as good. Most of the evaluators commented on the ease of clean up, saying it was the same as or better than other hemostatic agents. One evaluator noted, “The coagulum is very difficult to remove and sometimes bleeding starts again during its removal.”

Overall Satisfaction

At the end of the evaluation, the 8 dentist evaluators were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with ViscoStat Clear. Six evaluators rated it as excellent to very good and 2 rated it as good to fair. One evaluator said that bleeding was controlled “within 30 seconds.” Another commented on the material’s clean up, saying ViscoStat Clear is “easy to clean up and there is no residual left.”

Manufacturer Information

Ultradent Products, Inc. evolved from a dentist’s quest to create more effective dental products. Just out of dental school and beginning his practice, Dr. Dan Fischer was not satisfied with many of the dental products available to him. He felt products could be developed further. His desire to develop more advanced dental products led him to create products that would set future industry standards. First Patent Dr. Fischer's first endeavor was a successful hemostatic solution called Astringedent®, developed in 1979. Astringedent set the pace for a succession of products that would soon exceed expectations in the dental industry.

Ultradent's business grew rapidly, and within a 12-year period Ultradent expanded from a home operation to a 220,000 square-foot facility, which presently houses more than 900 employees. Ultradent now manufactures and packages more than 500 materials, devices and instruments. These products are used worldwide by dentists, group practices, dental and veterinary labs, government agencies and universities. Ultradent continues development and holds dozens of patents and trademarks on unique products, materials, devices and application techniques. In addition, its Products and Procedures Manual (catalog) is considered one of the best in the industry, not only because it describes the products, but also because it provides professionally illustrated, step-by-step procedures on how to use the products.

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clearly the best February 15, 2013


tiffaroonie from torrance

If you like need hemostasis but you want to bond, you will love viscostat clear. Viscostat clear is another brainchild from Ultradent. It gives excellent hemostasis, but doesn't cause that staining in your restorations associated with the iron in other hemostatic agents. Ultradent dispenses these in syringes with the furry tips that make patient delivery a breeze.

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