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The VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master is an entirely new shade guide designed primarily for planning and monitoring a patient’s tooth whitening regimen. The VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master offers new intermediate 3D-Master shade tabs arranged specifically for measuring whitening progress. In a study presented at the 2007 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session, the Bleachedguide 3D-Master exhibited the widest color range and had the most consistent color distribution when compared with 2 other commercial products. Its extension of the lightness range towards higher lightness values (bleach shades) complement contemporary esthetic dentistry. Dentists can benefit from this precise tool to market their whitening capabilities as well as benefit from the exacting nature of shade reproduction offered with the 3DMaster system. The VITA 3D-Master shade system offers a full complement of restorative materials, including the popular VITA VM line of allceramic and porcelain-fused-to-metal veneering materials, Physiodens and Vitapan denture teeth, 3D-Direct composite, and VM LC indirect composite. —Dawn Lagrosa




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VITA Bleachedguide
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