VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set Clinical/:Technical

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VITA ENAMIC Clinical Polishing Set from Vita North America aids in the reliable, efficient, and material-specific surface treatment of hybrid ceramic restorations, all without using polishing paste. The set includes polishing instruments that can be used for pre- and high-gloss polishing of occlusal surfaces, cusps, fissures, and contact points of the restoration. The ENAMIC Clinical Polishing Set instruments also aid in the creation of high gloss and plaque-resistant surfaces. The instruments are precisely concentric and have matched grit sizes and individual geometries to ensure accurate results.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set Clinical/:Technical

VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set Clinical - VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set Clinical
Technical Specification
Color: Gray
Diameter: 70
ISO Number: 9560P
Package Quantity: 10/Pkg




Ehrlich Onlay

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VITA ENAMIC Polishing Set Clinical/:Technical
Vita North America
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