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Ivoclar Introduces the VivaPen

With the VivaPen system, clinicians now have the ability to consistently provide patients with perfectly sealed and bonded restorations.

Ivoclar Vivadent's new VivaPen provides timesaving and economical application of adhesives directly in the mouth. The VivaPen system features an ergonomic design, allowing for easy and clean application of adhesives during dental restoration procedures. These features also enable faster application times, while eliminating the need to use other tools during the bonding process.

The VivaPen system has a simple-to-use, click dispenser located on the side of the unit. Snap-on cannula brush tips maintain a minimal residual volume when compared to traditional metal tips. This allows clinicians to apply the exact amount of adhesive, eliminating product waste and cutting costs. Additional applications may be applied as necessary. A fill-level indicator gives the user reliable control of the remaining amount of bonding agent, storing sufficient adhesive for approximately 120 applications.

VivaPen is designed to dispense adhesive products such as AdheSE One F, a 7th-generation self-etch, and ExciTE F, a 5th-generation totaletch from Ivoclar. These light-curing adhesives provide high bond strengths and quality sealing, minimizing postoperative sensitivity and sealing issues. Both adhesives achieve exceptional bonding, with the added bonus of fluoride release. With the VivaPen system, ExciTE F and AdheSE One F offer predictable and consistent solutions for a variety of restorative procedures. 'Bob Alaburda




Meet the Evaluator: Nathan Vassiliades, DDS

Name: Nathan Vassiliades, DDS Dental School: Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) Years in Practice: 4 Specialty: General Practitioner Practice Location: Queen Creek Smiles ; Gilbert, AZ Favorite Dental Products: CEREC Omnicam with IPS e.max CAD There are myriad new dental products being thrown at dentists with promises of fixing x, y, and z. These products are expensive. I think that it is important to have our peers try out these products and give an unbiased opinion. With this we can see...

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