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Walser Matrices

Walser Matrices

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To accommodate a variety of matrix needs, Walser Matrices come in 25 sizes for the upper and lower jaws.

Vident’s Walser Matrices feature a wide assortment of shapes and sizes, intended to meet as many needs a possible.

The O-Shape matrix is for mesio-occlusal-distal (MOD) fillings and single, freestanding teeth; ON-Shape is for terminal teeth, extra large molars, and for use over rubber dam clamps; XShape can be used with adjacent fillings with existing interdental space; XF-Shape is for front teeth; and the OF-Shape matrix is intended for front teeth. In addition, the Walser Matrices are made of stainless steel, and the manufacturer says that they can be reused up to 50 times.

The 6 dentists who evaluated the Walser Matrices were asked to rate their effectiveness. Five rated the matrices as excellent to very good and 1 rated them as good. One evaluator said that he was able to use the matrices “on adult and primary teeth with great results.” Another commented that “the bands were nicely contoured and thin enough that, with the addition of a wedge, I got nice contacts.” This evaluator went on to say that it was sometimes “difficult to place a wedge with the matrix device.” A third evaluator said that he got “good contact most of the time.”

According to Vident, the Walser Matrices can be fit and removed in seconds and accommodate all types of needs, including biplane fillings, MOD singles, front teeth, terminal teeth, and extra large molars. The manufacturer also says that 2 teeth can be banded simultaneously. In addition, patients can close their mouths and bite while the matrix is in place.
When the evaluators were asked to rate the matrices on fit, 4 rated them as very good, 1 rated them as good, and 1 rated them as fair. One evaluator commented that when the right band is used the fit is very good. Another evaluator said that “the only time I had trouble was occasionally when using [the matrix] for MO/DO [mesio-occlusal/ distal-occlusal] restorations.”

Ease of Use
The 6 evaluators were asked to rate Walser Matrices on their ease of use. Three of the evaluators rated them as excellent, 1 rated them as good, and 2 of the evaluators rated them as fair.
The one area that seemed to be an issue for the evaluators, even for those who really like this matrix system, is the number and variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. One evaluator said, “There seems to be a learning curve in the use of the Vident Walser Matrices. There are so many to choose from, it takes a while to decide the proper matrix to use for each case.” This evaluator went on to say, “Actual placement, however, is relatively easy.” Another evaluator noted that he has “not yet finished the learning curve; it is a complex but effective system.” A third evaluator said that he had some difficulty seeing the numbers engraved on the small metal disk. His solution was to write the number on the autoclave packaging before autoclaving so that he could easily identify each matrix.

Ease of Removal
When the evaluators were asked to rate the matrices on ease of removal, 2 rated them as excellent, 3 rated them as very good, and 1 rated them as fair. One evaluator found some of the matrix bands to be short. This evaluator said that while “removal is relatively easy, in a few cases with amalgam, the shortness of the band and the process of removing the matrix by stretching the retainer caused the marginal ridge material to break off.” Another evaluator said that removal of the matrix was “never a problem.”

Overall Satisfaction
When the evaluators were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the Walser Matrices, 1 rated them as excellent, 3 rated them as very good, 1 rated them as good, and 1 rated them as fair. One of the evaluators said that he found the system to be “very quick and easy” to use. In general, the evaluators found the Walser Matrices to be an effective and easy to use system, but many of them agreed that it takes time to learn it and be comfortable with the many matrix choices available.

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