Waste Compliance- 5 Gallon Container

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PRODUCT OPTIONS: Waste Compliance- 5 Gallon Container

Waste Compliance 5 Gallon Container
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Happy Earth Day to You! We Can Change the World, One Decision at a Time

In honor of Earth Day , take a few minutes to ask yourself: How can I make my dental practice more environmentally-friendly?  In addition to preserving our natural resources, adopting eco-friendly policies can reduce your costs of waste disposal, water, energy and office supplies and can even attract patients to your office.  The Eco Dentistry Association reports there is a growing alliance of consumers – almost 1/3 of the U.S. population - who want to patronize providers who share their values for eco-friendly healthy living - like green dental professionals! What has your office...

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Waste Compliance- 5 Gallon Container
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