X-Ray Film Holder System

Product Description
The X-Ray Film Holder System from Pinnacle is designed with an aiming ring that lets the X-ray cone to align with the tooth structure effortlessly and accurately every time, reducing errors made. Does not contain any metal for improved patient comfort. Material is autoclavable.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: X-Ray Film Holder System

X-Ray Film Holder System Introductory Kit - X-Ray Film Holder System Introductory Kit
Technical Specification
Anterior and Posterior Use: AnteriorPosterior
Autoclavable: Yes
Contains: 1 Kwik Bite, 1 Super Bite anterior, 1 Super Bite posterior, 1 Paro Bite, 1 Endo Bite anterior, 1 Endo Bite posterior
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 1720
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X-Ray Film Holder System
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