XCP-DS For Sigma Bio-Ray

Product Description
XCP-DS for Sigma Bio-Ray from Rinn is used to hold digital sensors during the dental radiographic process. It has sensor baskets engineered for ideal active area positioning making it extremely accurate. The sensor easily clicks into place and the color-coded scheme allows for a quicker time for placement and alignment. It features a lightweight construction, which makes it easier for manipulation and increases the comfort of the patient. This product is economical and autoclavable, due to the low cost per use when compared to disposable solutions


#2V (White) - XCP-DS Basket For Sigma
Technical Specification
Autoclavable: Yes
Color: White
Package Quantity: 1/Pkg
Sku# 550599
XCP-DS Kit For Sigma Bio-Ray - XCP-DS Complete For Sigma Bioray
Technical Specification
Autoclavable: Yes
Package Quantity: Each
Sku# 551020

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XCP-DS For Sigma Bio-Ray
Dentsply Rinn
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