XCP-ORA Positioning System - Arm Only

Product Description
The XCP-ORA One Ring & Arm Positioning System from Rinn accurately positions the radiographic media with the Rinn XCP or XCP-DS bite blocks by reducing the components needed to just one ring and one arm. The 3-in-1 Ring/Arm provides a clutter free work area because there are no separate arms. It provides easier centering with the raised collimator ribs on the ring that center on 60 or 70mm cones. The ring is made of a sturdy precision molded plastic, while the arm is stainless steel. It comes with blue and yellow pins for anterior and posteriors, and red pins for bitewings. This autoclavable system is compatible with all Rin XCP Film and XCP-DS Biteblocks.

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XCP-ORA Positioning System - Arm Only
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