Young Dental D-Lish Prophy Paste

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Available in 200 count packages in choice of the De-licious flavors listed. D-Lish paste is also colored by grit for quick and easy identification. Contains 1.23% fluoride.

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D-Lish Prophy Paste - Coarse, 200/Pkg - Assorted
Sku# 304320
D-Lish Prophy Paste - Coarse, 200/Pkg - Berry Bliss
Sku# 308020
D-Lish Prophy Paste - Coarse, 200/Pkg - Cinnamon
Sku# 301020
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I have had numerous(great) comments on the taste, variety, and smell. All of which my patients think is excellent. The coarse grit is prefered among adults, with stain or not. Bubblegum is prefererd by the 5-15 year olds. It is easy to remove from the mouth, also without leaving a not so good after taste. I believe this product is a game changer for the prophy paste industry, as well as a excellent purchase!
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It really is Delish!!
This is by far the best prophy paste I've used in my 35 plus years as a hygienist. We order the assorted flavor box and I have several patients that request their "favorite flavor". The consistency is the best, too. I try samples that other companies send and always like the D-Lish ones better. Chocolate mint, vanilla mint, strawberry, and key lime are my favorites. The only flavor I don't like is the cinnamon one (like Dentyne chewing gum). The pricing is comparable and I like the plastic holder that comes in every box.
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D-Lish Prophy Paste
I Have been using this product for about 10 years. I use the assorted coarse. My patients enjoy the flavors and the Berry Bliss is a hit with the children. I feel it cleans well especially for those patients how have stain. It also does not splatter. I would recommend any try this productand seeif your patients like it.
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D-Lish Paste OK
The D-Lish prophy paste is ok. I find it splatters a little more, and patients say on some flavors do not taste like anything really. I find it is good with plaque and stain removal.
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Young Dental D-Lish Prophy Paste
Young Dental Laboratory, Inc.
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