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Z-PRIME PLUS is a primer used to enhance adhesion between Zirconia-Alumina-Metal-Composite Restorations and resin cements. Z-PRIME Plus significantly enhances bond strengths and durability over any other surface primer on the market.


Tried and True
Tried and True
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The other 50% of the both within the sandwich is equally important
I have been using this coupler ever since I read the science and benchtest protocol behind it. Makes a lot of sense and gives me comfort that when the substrate is other than porcelain, that I am getting a superb long lasting bond between the resin cement and the prosthetic.
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i think this makes a dilfference
i have used this as directions say for perm placement of crowns i THINK it makes a diff or maybe it just makes me feel better to use it the research bisco has on this seems good
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Bisco, Inc
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