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Bisco’s Z-PRIME Plus is a single-component priming agent used to significantly enhance adhesion between indirect restorative substrate materials and composite resin cements.

It can be used as a surface treatment for Zirconia and Alumina metal oxide ceramics, as well as metals/alloys, composites, and endodontic posts. Z-PRIME Plus has been specifically formulated to provide high bond strengths in either self-cure or light-cure modes.

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Manufacturer Information

BISCO, a global leader in aesthetic dentistry continues to develop innovative products for contemporary dentistry.  At BISCO “Adhesion is our passion” and we dedicate our lives to understanding and improving the bond.  We understand the importance of the supporting layer of the restoration.  Whether you are working with implants, zirconium, Ceramics/Lithium Disilicate, or porcelain fused to metal we focus on dentistry from the bottom up so your patients can enjoy top down esthetics.

BISCO proudly manufactures its materials in the United States.  Domestically, we deliver our products direct to you and we understand that product quality, consistency and freshness are of great importance.  BISCO Dental Products are available worldwide with award winning brand names such as ACE® ALL-BOND TE™, ACE® ALL-BOND SE®, AELITE™, BisCem®, DUO-LINK™ and Z-PRIME™ Plus.

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The other 50% of the both within the sandwich is equally important June 07, 2013


Sam from North Vancouver, Canada

I have been using this coupler ever since I read the science and benchtest protocol behind it. Makes a lot of sense and gives me comfort that when the substrate is other than porcelain, that I am getting a superb long lasting bond between the resin cement and the prosthetic.

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i think this makes a dilfference May 28, 2013


lovesthesun from NYC

i have used this as directions say
for perm placement of crowns

i THINK it makes a diff

or maybe it just makes me feel better to use it

the research bisco has on this seems good

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2 people found this review helpful.

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