Zekrya Gingival Protector Kit

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DMG-America's Zekrya Gingival Protector is a stainless steel instrument that is used to retract soft tissue to protect gingiva from rotary instruments during cutting and finishing. It features a crescent shaped tip on an adjustable ball joint that is attached to a metal handle, so that the tip can be rotated to an exact angle that matches the tooth's facial surface to attain gingival fit. This instrument prevents injury to the gingival tissue and minimizes patient discomfort. It enhances direct visibility by providing more accurate and controlled preparation and interpretation of margins. The flexible stainless steel arc of the protector adapts to fit all tooth necks. The Zekrya Gingival Protector is ideal for veneer preparations, finishing porcelain or resin veneer margins, Class V subgingival caries removal, checking marginal fit of crowns, and checking loose bridges.

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Zekrya Gingival Protector - Kit
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Zekrya Gingival Protector Kit
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