Endeavour Headlight

Dental Product Shopper Best Product 2012
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Product Description

The Endeavour is a portable headlight system that produces a precise focused beam of light that evenly illuminates one’s field of view.>

Using advanced capacitive touch controls, the user is able to toggle between three light intensity levels up to 68 lumens without reaching into their coat or pants pocket.

Constant-current technology also ensures your light output will not diminish over the run-time of the battery.


  Zeon Endeavour Dental Headlight Orascoptic Orascoptic's Zeon Endeavour provides high-quality, high-resolution illumination in a light-weight, user-friendly "package." Described by Orascoptic as their lightest and smallest light system ever, the Zeon Endeavour features a compact, light-weight headlight and battery for maximum comfort. The miniature "gumdrop" design of the headlight produces high-quality, high resolution illumination with a bright and highly focused spot. The Endeavour features capacitive touch con...

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Endeavour Headlight
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