2200-2000 Mobiloskop S

Product Description
2200-2000 Mobiloskop S from Renfert is a microscope with halogen lighting. Its magnification permits the highest quality for fittings, seals, and preparation borders. It is flexible, swivels, and can therefore be shared by several workstations. The stereo microscope with swivel arm is an indispensable aid for precision work and optimum detail control.

Product Features:
• 5 x and 10 x magnification
• Aspherical lenses ensure a distortion-free image with high marginal detail
• Bilateral dioptre compensation
• Three dimensional (3D) view
• Pupil distance individually adjustable
• Individually adjustable in all directions (360°)
• Well-suited for up to four work stations

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2200-2000 Mobiloskop S
Renfert Usa Inc.
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