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Premier 2pro’s unique cup and tip design guarantees total access to all tooth surfaces. After the initial polishing you can remove the cup and use the tip for greater access to gingival and proximal areas, veneer margins, around implants, and orthodontic brackets. 2pro’s patented gearless design ensures it will run smoothly and quietly with near-zero freeze-ups. Comfortable and convenient access to lingual areas is guaranteed because of its ergonomic 100 degree angle. 2pro is latex free and available in 4 cup styles.




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Totally Cool!!
Love this product for ortho cases and gingivitis cases. Love the ability to be able to change the cup in an instant and use the pointed tip to get in tight spaces around brackets and bands of ortho cases. The soft tip easily slides under those enlarged papillae and stimulate the tissue of gingival inflammation.
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2pro Total Access
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