3.0 mm I-Mini

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Evolution of the Mini Dental Implant

The 3.0 mm I-Mini is an affordable solution for many long-term denture stabilization or crown-and-bridge cases.

OCO Biomedical Inc announced the approval for long-term use of the I-Mini Dental Implant (as opposed to a threaded pinâ''which could be considered anything less than 3.0 mm in diameter).

The new long-term, self-tapping 3.0 mm I-Mini Dental Implant is now gamma radiated with new sterile packaging designed for direct implant placement capabilities. The wider body 3.0 mm diameter offers a highly aggressive thread pattern. The patent-pending OCO Biomedical bull-nose/auger tip condenses and locks into the bone' resulting in superior osseointegration and immediate stabilization. The tip of the I-Mini implant is safe and not forward cutting. It condenses bone around the apex for a true mechanical lock. The implant is designed to stop at the depth established by the pilot drill and incorporates a unique, side cutting final drill for the complete osteotomy to optimize this locking action.

With the same implant design as the original 3.0 mm ISD Mini Transitional Dental Implant, the new 3.0 mm I-Mini shares a long history of success with a better than 99.9% reported success rate since the introduction of the 3.0 mm ISD Implant in 2003. As a true mini implant, the I-Mini can be used in thin ridge applications with the stability and strength of a larger diameter implant. 'Jason Schwartz

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3.0 mm I-Mini
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