400-D Operator Hygiene Stool

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An ergonomically designed task stool which combines unparalleled support with an elegant design.

The key to the ergonomic benefit of this stool is its unique mechanism, which allows the back support and seat of the chair to follow the occupant as he or she leans forward to their task. This "free motion" feature allows the 400-D to conform to individual requirements for specific activities. The uniform support provided by the mechanism greatly reduces the risk of injury to the lower back and shoulders.




Is Your Stool Hurting You?

When a clinician consistently uses seating that is not ergonomically designed, he or she is at risk for occupational chronic pain and injury.  A stool can encourage a dentist to repeatedly bend and slump forward, pushing the spine out of its natural curvature. SurgiTel, a company that manufacturers loupes and lights, also understands why it’s so important for dental professionals to use supportive seating. That’s why they have partnered with RGP Dental, an expert on ergonomic stools and chairs....

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400-D Operator Hygiene Stool
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