4000 Series

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Using a combination of lights and an audible chime, the 4000 Series functions as a universal paging system, patient flow monitor, and simple messaging system. All functions are discrete, and the system makes all information available anywhere in the office. The system can operate in a plug-in, wireless mode or in a hardwired mode to eliminate exposed power chords and create a flush mount. The 4000 Series offers an optional voice intercom that can be customized to suit the working preferences of the practice. The 4000 Series is able to improve patient flow by providing clinicians with a visual snapshot of patient status at any given moment. It also provides a quieter, more professional environment that is appreciated by patients and staff. Efficiency is improved as well, with office personnel able to remain at their workstations and stay productive, because the system allows for up to 15 simultaneous messages. The 4000 Series comes with a remote control for easy operation and features fully-customizable labels. —Bob Alaburda

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4000 Series
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