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Danville Introduces the ABC Wedge

Danville Materials' new ABC Wedge is the ideal solution to restore large class II posterior composites.

Danville Materials introduces the new ABC (Absolute Best Contact) Wedge. Traditional systems work well with small conservative class II lesions, but the ABC Wedge solves the problem of restoring the tooth with a large open box or missing cusp.

In the past, when restoring a tooth with a large failing restoration, the tooth received a crown if the preparation wasn't ideal. It was impossible to prevent the separating ring from crushing in the matrix band. When the ABC Wedges are inserted from the buccal and lingual, the wings support the matrix band and seal the gingival fl oor. A central groove down the back of the wedge aligns the separating ring ensuring a tight, fl ossable contact. The ABC Wedge is available in 4 sizes to accommodate any embrasure size and shape.

Since ABC Wedges can be trimmed and modifi ed with a scissor or bur, they can be used for all class II applications. This achieves a tight natural contact. According to the inventor Dr. Marc Gottlieb, 'With a little creativity the wedge can be used to restore rotated and malformed teeth'. When an entire lingual wall is missing, a trimmed Toffl emire band is placed around the tooth and secured in place with the ABC Wedges. 'Bob Alaburda




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