AdvErL Evo

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J. Morita introduces AdvErL Evo, an Er:YAG laser that is effective for a wide variety of applications on both hard and soft tissue and is clinically ideal for periodontal treatment. AdvErL Evo eliminates the vibration of a high speed handpiece, providing a comfortable laser treatment option. Its wavelength is readily absorbed by water and efficiently vaporizes soft tissue. This unit offers a wide variety of tip options with an extensive selection for periodontic procedures. Applications include removal of subgingival calculus, diseased, infected, inflamed, and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket, subgingival calculus, and granulation tissue from bony defects. It may also be applied for soft-tissue curettage, sulcular debridement, and osseous crown lengthening.

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AdvErL Evo
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