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According to Aseptico, the AEU-7000 fffers the highest available torque of up to 80 Ncm, ensuring compatibility with most implant systems. The easy-to-use interface features adjustable handpiece ratio, speed, torque, and irrigation flow settings. The AEU-7000 features include a powerful, 40,000 rpm, autoclavable micromotor with available LED illumination. An advanced handpiece calibration system automatically detects the properties of individual implants or endo contra angles for highly accurate speed, torque, and efficiency results at the time of treatment. According to Aseptico, their motors are the only ones made in the US. This implant motor also features a selectable Auto-Stop function in Implant Mode and an Auto-Stop-Reverse in Endo Mode when the desired torque setting is reached. In addition, the system’s software is upgradeable for future improvements.


Case Study

Case Study

Maxillary Overdentures Made Easy and Cost-Effective

A 55-year-old male patient in good health presents with a fully edentulous upper arch. The patient reports wearing a full upper denture for about 5 years. He states he is unhappy with his denture and only wears it if he is out in public. The patient is specific in asking for a denture that does not cover the roof of his mouth and will stay in place without adhesives. All treatment options were presented, and the patient elects to proceed with an implant supported maxillary overdenture. Clinical examination suggests a thick maxillary ridge, however with a CBCT scan...

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AEU-7000 Handpiece
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