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AFFINIS® Precious from COLTENE is a vinyl polysiloxane (PVS) impression material that demonstrates an extremely low contact angle when applied to the moist tooth structure. Its superior flow properties allow the impression material to easily capture all critical details of the preparation in a moist environment. 

The AFFINIS® Precious provides exceptional readability of marginal detail. The unique Silver and Gold pigmentation drastically reduces light scattering effects, thus improving the visibility of the margins.

The thermo reactive formula of AFFINIS® Precious provides quick transition into the final setting phase, decreasing the risk of distortion.




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Excellent Product
Great product. Flows nicely around the margins and doesn't blow off the crown prep like some impression material when using the "air syringe" technique. Affinis silver is easy to read also to ensure all margins are present. I have used several wash impression materials including aquasil and this material blows them away.
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AFFINIS Precious
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