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AirStar was created to meet the need for dental-quality compressed air.

Several items are critical to the most basic operations of a dental practice, including handpieces, autoclaves, practice management systems, and restorative materials. Attention usually goes directly to those things the dentist uses directly on or for the patient.

Those are the products that tend to be most top-of-mind to dentists and to the dental industry. Often overlooked are some of the products that drive those top-of-mind products, and in turn, are essential, business-critical components. One such product is the air compressor.
Without it, a dentist simply cannot practice because he or she would be without the means to run a handpiece, dry a surface, or even thin out a layer of bonding agent. The AirStar line of air compressors has been filling this need for many years. The number of times a dentist or dental assistant reaches for air in any given day is an indication of just how critical the air compressor is to dentistry. If an air compressor goes down, a dental practice may not be able to operate effectively with regard to patient care and treatment until it is restored.

Meeting a Demand

Air Techniques is best known for its high-quality, reliable air compressors. Its AirStar line of air compressors is 100% oil-free and includes an integrated drying system. Twenty-five years in the making, the AirStar line of air compressors is the culmination of incremental advancements in technology achieved by Air Techniques. These advancements systematically addressed and eliminated the primary problems with air compressors' the presence of water and oil vapor in the pressurized air stream.
The AirStar product line evolved from the demand that was put on the quality of air by dentists. With the growing demand for bonded restorations, the demand to remove water from the air stream resulted in an external drying device, originally designed and patented by Air Techniques, called Dento-Dri.
That was followed by the need to have the drying system integral to the unit, which AirStar accomplished through the unique design of a stainless steel drying chamber containing a bed of desiccant beads. Once water was effectively controlled, providing dentists with ultra-dry air and the ability to practice with greater confidence, oil became the next required elimination from the air stream.
Not only did Air Techniques remove oil from the air stream, they also designed the AirStar line to be completely oil-free. Because oil is not used in the AirStar system at all, it is not a contaminant that needs to be mitigated through additional technology.

Accepting the Challenge

Oil is primarily used for lubrication, and one of the challenges of designing and manufacturing a totally oil-free system was finding another way to lubricate the pistons that drive air supply. The result was the use of a Teflon ring that lubricates the precision cylinder housing the piston, leading to near frictionless operation. The piston itself is narrow but long, which decreases overall resistance and load bearing, but also moves air volume. Replacing oil with Teflon technology removes any concern for even the possibility of contamination, which guarantees that patients, valuable instruments, and restorative materials as well as the environment are spared any adverse affects of oil vapor.
Additional benefits are that the requirements for replacement parts go down and reliability goes up, delivering confidence and security along with clean, dry, oil-free air. To this day, Air Techniques is the only dental company that does not offer an oil-driven air compressor.

The AirStar line of air compressors systematically addressed and eliminated the primary problems with air compressors'the presence of water and oil vapor in the pressurized air stream

Dental-Quality Assurance

The assurance of truly dental-quality compressed air through the elimination of both water and oil from the air stream is significant. Patients are protected from a potential means of infection, 1 the integrity of restorative materials such as bonding agents are maintained, and the integrity of delicate instrumentation is better preserved. Cleaner air means cleaner, more reliable systems whether those systems are chemical, mechanical, or electronic. Offered in 6 models that suit the specific size and demand of any dental practice, the AirStar line is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of dentistry for quality of air and reliable delivery. Sized for a single dentist or larger group practices, this line of air compressors offers any dentist the appropriate product. With a 5-year warranty and a wide network of trained and certified dental dealers, AirStar compressors promise quality of service as well as quality of air and performance.

Reliable Technology

Technology has resolved many of the concerns of dentistry with regard to the delivery of air to the dental operatory, and AirStar air compressors are a culmination of those technologies in a single product. With over two thirds of the dental market, AirStar compressors from Air Techniques are among the most trusted solutions for dentists for the reliable delivery of clean, dry, and oil-free air. 'Monica Roy-Smith


1. Hubar JS, Pelon W, Gardiner DM. Evaluation of compressed air used in the dental operatory. J Am Dent Assoc. 2002;133:834-841.




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