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Air Techniques’ AirStar NEO series combines Membrane Dryer Technology and integrated diag- nostic monitoring functions for a state-of-the-art dental air compressor. Air is quadruple filtered by the Membrane Dryer to ensure it is the cleanest and driest possible while the intelligent con- trols provide a trouble-free performance by allowing easy accessibility to user settings and setup controls from any room. Each unit is 100% oil-free, compact in size, and features a full color, digital touch screen display. AirStar NEO will keep clinicians informed of preventative maintenance with smart alarms, is offered in 7 different models, and can accommodate up to 10 users.




AirStar NEO Next Generation Compressor

Video displaying the features of the AirStar NEO Compressor from Air Techniques...

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AirStar NEO
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