Alpen SteriX

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Product Description
Alpen® SteriX by COLTENE is a complete line of 1-piece pre-sterilized carbides, coupled with Alpen® X1 pre-sterilized diamonds. Alpen® SteriX are gamma sterilized carbide instruments that are pouch-packaged that offer aseptic burs right out of the box, providing advanced infection control and convenience. Harmful bacteria capable of spreading infection are often found on carbides at purchase. On average, a single carbide contains 100+ colony forming units; Alpen® Sterix contains zero cfu. Alpen® SteriX are sold in packs of 10 and 50, with a 5-year shelf life.


Alpen SteriX are pre-sterilized to ensure asepsis and are designed to cut faster and longer than other carbides. When the 12 dentists who participated in this evaluation of Coltene’s Alpen SteriX carbide burs were asked for their overall impressions, one responded with “no chatter, no vibration, very sharp”, and another said, “These burs are amazingly efficient.” Both evaluators said they would definitely purchase the burs and recommend them to their colleagues. Alpen SteriX is a comprehensive lin...

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Alpen SteriX
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