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The high-power bonds between a prepared tooth and an amalgam alloy bonded with Amalgambond-Plus makes undercuts obsolete. Amalgambond Plus bonds to new or existing amalgams and seals the tooth like synthetic enamel. The hybrid layer seal eliminates postoperative sensitivity.




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Universal Bonding with no post operative discomfort
Amalgambond is the only self-curing bonding agent currently in our office. Although the literature has not endorsed its use lately because of a potential yellowing of thin composite restorations, we have not experienced this phenomenon. The magic of this 4-META Amalgambond is the nearly complete elimination of post-operative pain when using it. It's bond strength is high enough so that failures seen are within the materials used and not a delamination at the bonding interface. It can be used with both composite and amalgam, as well as most cements when placing crown and bridge restorations or veneers. The powder can be used to enhance the bond strength if needed should you still place amalgam restorations, but we have found it complicates clean-up and is rarely needed for bond strength. The powder is not used with composite. Recurrent caries is not often seen. Thus we have a universal self-curing bonding agent that eliminates post operative discomfort and pain with a high bond strength. It is a 3rd generation 3-bottle system that takes a couple of minutes to use but its benefits seem to far out-weigh this 2 minute process.
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Amalgambond Plus
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