Anterior Scalette N137M

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The Anterior Scalette N137M by Nordent combines their most popular sickle scaler with a universal (double edged) anterior curette. This instrument will access all anterior surfaces to save procedure time, space on the tray, and instrument replacement costs. The N137M is available in 5 different handle styles, including DuraLite ROUND which is 3/8” diameter, all stainless steel, and weighs only 11.9 grams.

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All-in-one anterior instrument
Love this instrument! It eliminates the need for two anterior instruments (a sickle scaler and a seperate anterior gracey curette) in the set-up. Sometimes I find it works great in some posterior regions as well.
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Great Instrument
For any anterior and buccal surfaces this instrument is great! Love nordent products they lasts longer than I have ever purchased.
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Anterior Scalette N137M
Nordent Manufacturing Inc.
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