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In addition to superior plaque removal, this unique, patented baking soda formula delivers fluoride plus calcium and phosphate ions to help restore and strengthen tooth enamel. Baking soda and ACP technology also delivers non-abrasive whitening. ARM & HAMMER baking soda is very low in abrasion and dissolves, penetrates, and lifts stains from places other toothpastes can’t reach. ACP restores enamel luster by filling in the tooth surface with minerals for a younger, brighter smile. Age Defying toothpaste is available in full and trial size tubes to dental professionals and is available at select mass merchandise, drug, and food stores nationwide. —Jason Schwartz Evolution of ARM & HAMMER ToothpasteFor generations, baking soda has been recognized as a safe, effective, and gentle oral-cleaning agent.ARM & HAMMER baking soda has been a staple in American homes since the beginnings of Church & Dwight Co, Inc, more than 160 years ago. It can be found in more than 90% of American homes today. First marketed solely for home baking purposes, the ARM & HAMMER brand of baking soda has evolved as the basis for a variety of trusted household and personal care items, including oral care products. For generations, baking soda has been recognized as a safe, effective, and gentle oral cleaning agent.1 The addition of fluoride and other state-ofthe- art dentifrice agents to its early products has resulted in today’s full range of ARM & HAMMER toothpastes to cover the spectrum of oral care needs. ARM & HAMMER offers several product lines to provide deep cleaning to remove plaque, remove stains to whiten teeth, and freshen breath. The brand continues to evolve with its latest product, ARM & HAMMER Age Defying toothpaste, which strengthens and rebuilds tooth enamel with its patented formula containing amorphous calcium phosphate. 1800s—Early BeginningsJohn Dwight & Co was founded in 1846, when Dr. Austin Church and his brother-in-law John E. Dwight began processing and packaging baking soda in powdered form in Dwight’s kitchen and marketed it for home baking. The ARM & HAMMER trademark derives from 1867, when Church & Co, formed by Church’s sons, acquired a business that used an arm and hammer as its trademark depicting Vulcan, the Roman god of fire. The 2 companies eventually merged in 1896 to form Church Dwight Co, which continued to market both original companies’ brands of baking soda for some time—Church & Co’s ARM & HAMMER and Dwight & Co’s Cow brand. By 1915, Church Dwight began suggesting that baking soda could serve medicinal purposes through a booklet titled Home Remedies for Simple Ailments. Also in the early 1900s, the company (incorporated as Church & Dwight Co in 1925) began advertising baking soda as a tooth cleaner. 1931—ADA AcceptedIn 1931, ARM & HAMMER baking soda was accepted as a dentifrice by the American Dental Association (ADA), and the ADA seal was used in advertising directed to the dental profession as well as to consumers. An existing health education program in the form of a booklet, A Friend in Need, promoted the use of baking soda in personal care, including its use as a dentifrice. The program was officially initiated in 1922 but was revised several times in the 1930s and 1940s, during which time more than 4 million leaflets per year were distributed on the subject of oral care alone. 1986—More Than a FadIn 1986, Church & Dwight introduced ARM & HAMMER Dental Care toothpaste in Denver, Colorado and launched the product nationally in 1988. With 65% baking soda, Dental Care contains the highest level of baking soda in a fluoride toothpaste. It provides deep cleaning with a low level of abrasion2 and carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance for caries prevention. Although many initially dismissed the introduction of bicarbonate-based toothpaste as a passing fad, that fad has proved to have impressive staying power. By 1992, ARM & HAMMER toothpaste held 8% of the US toothpaste market share, which increased to 11% by 1993, making ARM & HAMMER the fastestgrowing dentifrice brand at that time. 2008—Continued AdvancementsARM & HAMMER Age Defying toothpaste, introduced in April 2008, is the latest addition to the ARM & HAMMER line of oral care products. This patented baking soda formula contains 35% baking soda with 0.24% sodium fluoride, and it is the only toothpaste that contains amorphous calcium phosphate. The unique combination of ingredients not only provides superior plaque removal but also delivers fluoride plus calcium and phosphate ions to fill tooth surface crevices and restore surface enamel luster. In addition to the new Age Defying toothpaste, available products today include: Advance White for stain removal and teeth whitening, Complete Care for plaque and stain removal in addition to freshening breath, and PeroxiCare, which combines the benefits of baking soda and peroxide to reach spaces along the gum line and between teeth. Trusted BrandARM & HAMMER has evolved substantially since the early use of its sodium bicarbonate product as a simple baking agent. Through the brand’s long history of use as a natural medicinal and oral cleaning agent, ARM & HAMMER toothpastes have gained the trust of American consumers as safe, natural, and effective oral care products. —Kara L. Rouleau References1. Barnes CM. An evidence-based review of sodium bicarbonate as a dentifrice agent. Compend Contin Educ Dent. 1999;6(3):3-11.2. Lehne RK, Winston AE. Abrasivity of sodium bicarbonate. Clin Prev Dent. 1983;5(1):17-18.

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