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Dental-grade baking soda particles dissolve to clean deep in microscopic crevices on the tooth surface. Arm & Hammer toothpaste is available in a number of flavor, whitening, and sensitivity options.

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Arm & Hammer Toothpaste is my Favorite
I use Advance White Brilliant Sparkle everyday, it is my toothpaste. I recommend it to patients and they have reported back to tell me how clean their teeth feel after brushing. I see cleaner, whiter, and healthier teeth and gums in my patients. It's really good tasting and super stain removing. I love iced tea and I have seen my own results in my teeth. I think toothpastes preform better than gel forms and Arm and Hammer has that extra cleaning boost that really has results you can see.
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good if you like the baking soda taste
I recommend baking soda often to my patients so it is nice to have it already in a convenient toothpaste form. It is certainly easier to use and has the advantage of added fluoride that plain baking soda doesn't have. I love that Arm and Hammer has so many options as well. I recently tried the Sensitive formula and found it worked as well as other sensitive toothpastes that I have tried. My only complaint is that I personally don't really like the baking soda taste. If that is something that you don't mind or perhaps even enjoy, then this is the paste you want to use.
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ARM & HAMMER Toothpastes
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