GC America Exceeding Expectations

Published Date 10/07/2019


Exceeding Expectations: GC America 

As DPS readers show their loyalty to GC America’s glass ionomer chemistry, the company breaks new ground with materials that restore, recharge, and expand treatment possibilities


Glass ionomers have a 6-decade-long history in dentistry. Their ability to release fluoride and prevent secondary decay is a winning perk among clinicians treating all types of cases—especially those involving pediatric, geriatric, and high-caries-risk patients. More recently, and especially in the case of materials from GC America, glass ionomers have steadily evolved to offer extra strength and increased esthetics.

Clinicians and DPS readers have spoken, favoring the glass ionomer restoratives and cements of GC America in the 2019 DPS Readers’ Choice Awards. Specifically, GC Fuji II LC and GC FujiCEM 2 were chosen as clinically effective solutions in their respective categories. Although these tried-and-true materials are welcome additions to many restorative procedures, it’s impossible to ignore the groundbreaking new products that are a result of GC’s evolutionary mindset.

GC Fuji II LC is a light-cured glass ionomer restorative that forms a strong chemical bond to tooth structure, even in the presence of saliva. Although the material has been around for over 2 decades, it’s been improved upon to offer a higher level of esthetics and increased compressive strength.


It’s All in the Delivery

GC Fuji Automix LCBuilding on the long-term success of GC Fuji II LC, GC America is transforming the way clinicians restore and repair with its GC Fuji Automix LC, a resin-reinforced glass ionomer with automix delivery. This unique restorative material comes with an ergonomic dispenser for precise placement into the preparation. Along with its simple delivery is a high, rechargeable fluoride release that prevents caries.

GC Fuji Automix LC’s small filler particles allow for excellent polishability and esthetics, making it ideal for restoring primary teeth, permanent Class III and V restorations, core buildups, or as a base or liner under composite restorations.

“I was looking for a replacement for my existing glass ionomer restorative material that would provide consistency in performance and reliability of adhesion in multiple environments,” Dr. Jeff Briney said prior to using GC Fuji Automix LC in Class V cases. “GC Fuji Automix LC has exceeded my expectations in every case that included multiple types of treatment. The polishability was excellent and provided a beautiful final result, plus I had zero reports of sensitivity.”



Restorative Innovation

The groundbreaking EQUIA Forte restorative system is comprised of a self-cure, bulk-fill restorative, EQUIA Forte Fil, laminated with a nano-filled, self-adhesive resin coat that optimizes marginal seal and wear resistance, EQUIA Forte Coat.

This new glass hybrid innovation is achieved through the introduction of ultra-fine highly reactive glass powder and high-molecular weight polyacrylic acid powder within conventional glass powder. This ensures that the material has advanced mechanical properties, high fluoride release, and smooth handling.

The new EQUIA Forte HT adds high translucency to the mix as a bulk-fill glass hybrid material with more intelligent particle size distribution and interaction than its predecessors, which allows it to offer increased strength and physical properties. EQUIA Forte HT also expands the range of treatment beyond pediatric and geriatric patients. For patients with high caries risk where composite restorations may fail due to secondary decay, glass hybrid materials such as EQUIA Forte HT offer a long-term restorative solution by forming a strong chemical bond to the tooth.


"GC FujiCEM 2 is very easily dispensed with a very workable viscosity." 

-Frank Glushefski, DMD 


The Evolving Role of Cement

GC FujiCEM EvolveThe materials we use to restore our patients’ smiles to proper form and function are rapidly evolving to become stronger, more esthetic, and easier to handle—making the cements we use alongside them in need of some tweaking, too.

If you imagine GC America as a tree, then cement would be the roots that anchor it to the ground. The company’s first successful launch of a dental cement dates back to its earliest days in the dental market nearly a century ago. Over the past few decades, GC’s glass ionomer cements have evolved significantly and, in the process, gained quite the loyal following.

The company introduced its flagship cement GC FujiCEM nearly 20 years ago, making waves in the industry with its fluoride release, ideal handling properties, and simple cleanup. In creating GC FujiCEM 2, GC aimed to keep these key features intact while building on the cement’s physical properties to extend the life of restorations.

GC FujiCEM 2 introduced the first use of F2 Flex Fuse Technology. Designed to support indirect restorations through increased strength, a greater release of fluoride, tremendous reliability, and a low film thickness, the technology incorporates a high-elastic crosslinking monomer with a modified filler-surface treatment into the resin-modified glass ionomer matrix. This offers greater flexibility and durability.

“At last, what I consider the holy grail of dental cements has come to exist,” said White Haven, PA, clinician Dr. Frank Glushefski. “I feel that there are some cements that seemingly work well while falling short in other very important aspects. GC FujiCEM 2 is very easily dispensed with a very workable viscosity.”

Today, over 17 million restorations later, the next evolution is unfolding with the launch of GC FujiCEM Evolve. This next-level RMGI cement offers exceptional bond strength to zircona than a leading competitor. It is designed to save clinicians time with its tack-cure feature, which reduces cleanup time to mere seconds. Syringe delivery with handmix or automix options ensures fast and predictable placement.


Breaking New Hybrid Ground: What Makes Glass Hybrid Technology Unique 

Equia Forte HT


•Intelligent filler particle size and distribution

•High fluoride release at the tooth-restorative interface

•Improved translucency and physical properties

•Strong marginal seal for long-term resistance to microleakage


2019 Readers' Choice Winners

GC FujiCEM 2

This 2nd-generation resinmodifi ed glass ionomer cement uses F2 Flex Fuse Technology to offer increased strength, high fluoride release, low film thickness, and excellent marginal integrity when luting metal-, resin-, alumina-, and zirconia-based inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges.

GC Fuji II LC CapsuleGC Fuji II LC

A light-cured glass ionomer restorative with high flexural strength and excellent bond strength to teeth even in the presence of saliva, GC Fuji II LC’s exceptional esthetics, simplicity, and economy make it a fantastic choice for Class V restorations, cervical erosions/abfraction lesions, and as a liner/base.

GC America
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