Published Date 08/21/2013

AlgiNot, Kerr's alternative to alginates, offers affordable accuracy and ease of use.

Conventional alginate impression materials are reliable and effective materials for a variety of impression procedures. However, their physical and handling properties are known to be technique-sensitive, most notably in the realm of mixing errors that can create a myriad of problems. Alginate alternatives have been developed to address some of these technique challenges while maintaining reliability and precision. Hydrophilicity is one of the most coveted properties of alginate impression materials. So alginate alternatives have to exhibit this same hydrophilic behavior. Without the mess of a traditional alginate, Kerr Corporation's AlgiNot alginate alternative breaks the surface tension of intraoral fluids and displaces them, resulting in a precisely and finely detailed impression (attention number crunchers: the contact angle is 37°). Additionally, AlgiNot's elasticity enables it to rebound from deformation to produce an impression that is a true negative replication of the dentition. AlgiNot is suitable for a wide range of indications, including preliminary and provisional impressions, orthodontic models, and mouthguard and bleaching tray fabrication.

Fast and Furious

At every step of the impression-taking process, AlgiNot saves time. Initially, because the material is supplied ready-to-use in either cartridge or proprietary volume automix dispensing options, the need for hand mixing is eliminated. Fast setting also saves time. Original AlgiNot offers quick set times of 2 minutes, 30 seconds or 2 minutes, 45 seconds (for cartridge or volume versions, respectively). AlgiNot FS sets in 2 minutes or 2 minutes, 15 seconds (similarly depending on delivery system) with no compromise in working time.

Finally, AlgiNot's long-term dimensional stability allows the practice to optimize its time management it is the only option in the market that can be poured immediately and multiple times up to 14 days from the original pour.

Clinical Benefits

The properties already mentioned offer benefits above and beyond simply saving time. The fast-set time minimizes the amount of time the patient must tolerate the impression, enhancing patient comfort and compliance. The dimensional stability allows multiple pours, eliminates the need for special storage, and preserves accuracy. Nonslumping AlgiNot is thixotropic to facilitate handling. It flows under pressure but does not run, preventing overflow and swallowing. AlgiNot does not distort when removed from the mouth, and it tolerates disinfection to prevent cross-contamination.

Since its debut in 2005, AlgiNot has been a simple, time-saving option for achieving predictable, detailed, stable impressions that provide the foundation for accurate fitting restorations and appliances. For flexible inventory needs, Kerr offers a range of kits and refill options for both the 50 mL cartridges and the 380 mL volume dispensers

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