Article - Gazelle Nanocomposite Polisher

Published Date 06/16/2016

Gazelle Nanocomposite Polisher by Dr. Bruce Hester, DMD, Kennesaw, GA


Microcopy introduced a new sterilized polisher for nanocomposite, Gazelle®. Inspired by a gazelle’s agility and endurance, the exclusive SilatecTM process accomplishes both, producing a flexible polisher with durability. The shape retains its profile and polishes multiple teeth without breaking down. The Satin polisher is a workhorse for everyday restorations. Removing surface striations and defects, it polishes to a flawless satin sheen. The Hi-­?Gloss is used for the most demanding esthetic restoration. It quickly polishes the surface to a wet luster gloss. These polishers also eliminate the need for messy polishing paste.


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Gazelle Nanocomposite Polisher

Gazelle Polishers
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