BioSonic SUVI Elite

Published Date 03/20/2014


As someone who was trained on and accustomed to using tunable magnetostrictive scalers, I swore I would never switch. I loved the way they drive. That changed when I tried COLTENE's Biosonic SUVI Elite Series piezoelectric scaler/polisher. There are only a few choices on the market if you are looking for a combination ultrasonic and polisher. SUVI won me over.


The SUVI's handpiece has comfortable, non-slip exchangeable, sterilizable silicone grips. The soft material dampens the vibrations and keeps my hands warm, helping to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and blood circulation problems. The handpiece's smooth outer surfaces simplify wiping and cleaning and it is autoclavable making the unit very easy to disinfect in between patients.

The water regulation is embedded in the ultrasonic handpiece, so I can quickly and easily adjust spray.

As a long time headlight user, I thought that I wouldn't need the SUVI?s built-in LED illumination. However, I have found that using both of lights exponentially improves visibility in the oral cavity. As an added bonus, the LEDs-color temperature creates great contrast, making calculus and stains more visible.

The control panel is simple and makes the adjustment of the foot pedal easy to set.

And I especially like the quick-connect containers that hold water, powder, or medicament. They are so easy to load, sit upright against the unit to prevent leaking, and they are transparent so I can monitor filling levels.


There are so many different styles of tips to choose from and they are very easy trade out and sterilize. The comprehensive tip selection (61 in all) makes the SUVI indispensable for the whole practice. It can be used by the dentist for endodontics and operative procedures in addition to its basic scaling and stain/plaque removal functions. Each tip is marked with a symbol, indicating the working mode and corresponding to the ones on the control panel. There's no guesswork when choosing the appropriate working mode, which sets the maximum power limit to the recommended level.

My favorite patients to use the Suvi on are my orthodontic patients. The piezo gently cleans around all the brackets bands and wires and I can see so much more with the light from the handle. The air polisher then efficiently removes stubborn stain and debris leaving the dentition very clean. The SUVI is also a very effective implant maintenance tool.


My patients have told me that they felt the SUVI was quieter and more comfortable than other power scalers they've experienced. A common comment: they did not feel like they were "drowning". By combining a comfortable patient experience with effective, powerful debridement and cleaning, COLTENE's SUVI has become my go-to power tool for a variety of applications.

BioSonic Suvi
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