BioSonic SUVI Premier

Published Date 08/21/2014


Suitable for periodontal, restorative, endodontic, and implant maintenance, COLOTENE's BioSonic SUVI Premier piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler offers a number of features that help me, as an educator, recommend it to dental professionals.

As a technology geek, I love its LED illumination, with a specific band chosen for appropriate light color. It provides ideal contrast for tissue and calculus visibility. The LED along with decreased vibration during activation allow SUVI Premier to be used as an exploratory/diagnostic tool. The SUVI Premier's power range and wide selection of tips makes it versatile for numerous applications.

Additionally, COLTENE's SUVI Premier has an irrigation mode and scaling mode, eliminating the need to memorize what application requires changing frequency or water quantity. An autoclavable silicone hand grip and a multi-function foot control simplify infection control compliance and prevent cross contamination.

Getting Started with SUVI Premier

When instructing, my goal is to help clinicians use SUVI Premier properly to maximize efficiency, comfort, and clinical benefits. With a large-diameter grip, SUVI Premier requires a light touch with relaxed nonpinching grasp-a great advantage in preventing repetitive motion injuries.

Another ergonomic advantage is that piezo activation is similar to hand instrument activation, minus the lateral pressure or wrist rock. The piezo does both so the user does not have to.

Piezo Use

I always share with clinicians that piezo scalers do not have the same mechanism of action as magnetostrictive. With piezo, lateral surfaces are the most active. The working end motion is linear, unlike the elliptical motion of magnetostrictive technology. The terminal 2 mm of lateral surface is most active, making tip adaptation crucial to effective piezo scaling.

SUVI Premier is so powerful, that random coverage may result in lines of missed calculus. Therefore, it is important to use the channeling method in short, multidirectional strokes. Tenacious calculus requires increased frequency to avoid burnishing the calculus. Unlike magnetostrictive, that increased frequency is not uncomfortable for the patient, so SUVI Premier can be used at the frequency level needed for complete calculus removal.

Piezo Benefits

The wide selection of 61 tips available with SUVI Premier can be overwhelming. There are 2 main criteria for deciding what tips will be most beneficial in a particular practice: periodontal case types that are treated most frequently and which magnetostrictive tips the user likes best. My choice is a universal tip designed for heavy supragingival calculus, and a set of periospecific tips: the thin for furcation access, and the periodontal right/left, but every clinician will have their personal favorites.

Some additional benefits of piezo electric scaling over magnetostrictive are:

  • Piezo can be used for patients with pacemakers because of its different mechanism of action.
  • Cement and orthodontic bonding material will not ruin tips.

Less water is needed because piezo's ceramic discs do not produce heat. As an added bonus, visibility is improved.

BioSonic Suvi
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