Published Date 01/27/2014

Ease of use meets high performance.

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Dual-curing and self-adhesive, BisCem is a versatile resin cement suitable for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts. It is effective with a wide range of materials, from metal, composite, and porcelain to alumina and zirconia. For posts, BisCem can be used with prefabricated metal posts, nonmetal/fiber posts, and cast posts. *

Offering excellent handling properties, Bisco's BisCem is a paste/paste formula delivered in an automixing dual-syringe for ease of use no hand mixing and direct dispensing into the restoration. It requires no etching, priming, or bonding of the prepared surface, thereby reducing clinical steps and subsequently reducing chairtime. In addition, it is radiopaque to simplify follow-up monitoring on radiographs.

Unique Benefits

BisCem's formula provides glass onomer benefits with resin cement strength. It can be used on a dry preparation surface and can be light-cured immediately following placement for easy clean-up. There is no etching, priming or bonding which saves time by reducing clinical steps. In addition, BisCem contains fluoride which may provide added benefit to the tooth structure.

Physical Properties

BisCem has been shown to exhibit the highest bond strengths (to metal, dentin, and composite) among several materials in its class.** Statistics include a flexural strength of 42 MPa when light-cured and diametral tensile strength of 34 MPa. To meet the esthetic needs for the wide variety of indications, BisCem is available in 2 shades, Translucent and Opaque.

Affordable Convenience

BisCem is offered in a convenient kit containing all necessary items for cementation. The Dual-Syringe Package contains an 8-g dual syringe (base/catalyst) of either opaque or translucent cement along with mixing tips, endo tips and introaoral tips, and instructions. All components are available separately as well. Bisco has priced BisCem significantly lower than other resin cements on the market to offer an economical option with premium properties. BisCem exhibits glass ionomer benefits and resin cement strength.

biscem crown placement steps

*For veneers, Bisco recommends its Choice 2 resin cement formulated specifically with the color stability and film thickness properties required for cementing indirect
porcelain and composite veneers.

**Data available from Bisco on request.

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