Case Study: Full Mouth Scaling and Root Planing Virtually Pain Free

Published Date 06/20/2016


A 19-year-old female presented to my practice in excellent overall health. However, she had not been to a dentist in over 5 years and was concerned about her upper central incisor being mobile and super-erupted. She requested a general checkup and examination. We performed a full medical history and conducted an oral exam. Using the X-Mind Unity with Sopix inside (ACTEON), we took a full mouth series of images. In addition, we took intraoral images using the SOPROCARE (ACTEON) in Normal, Caries, and Perio Mode. We then performed a periodontal exam using a traditional periodontal probe, followed by a soft- and hard-tissue exam. 


Radiographic evidence showed a large amount of supragingival calculus, and the periodontal exam showed generalized pocketing greater than 4 mm and bleeding upon probing. We explained these findings to the patient using the SOPROCARE images. This was particularly helpful in the Perio Mode, which allowed the patient to see the areas of bleeding, inflammation, and calculus.




We informed the patient that her treatment should consist of full mouth scaling and root planing, to which she agreed. We then anesthetized the patient to aid in her comfort and enhance our ability to remove the calculus fully and effectively. Using the Newtron B.LED XS (ACTEON) and a variety of tips at the suggested settings on the unit, we removed the calculus with little to no discomfort for the patient. This was followed by hand scaling to finalize the root planning. After treatment, oral hygiene instructions were given to the patient.




At the follow-up appointment, the patient told us she was pleased with the outcome. She was no longer experiencing bleeding when she brushed, her chronic halitosis had disappeared, and she felt more self-confident. She expressed surprise at how easy it was to remove the calculus compared to other scaling and root planing treatments she had in the past. My staff and I have found the Newtron B.LED XS to be an excellent tool for any hygiene application. The patient is awaiting treatment options to restore a mobile central incisor, but the tissue attachment has improved to reduce mobility.


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