Class II MOD Restoration

Author : Julie Cullen
Published Date 11/29/2012
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A 43-year-old female patient presented for a routine dental examination and periodontal maintenance procedure. An oral evaluation revealed that she was managing her periodontal condition, and that she had successfully stopped smoking for 18 months.

I performed a visual intraoral examination using 4.0x-500 loupes (Rose Micro Solutions), and an SDI diagnostic transillumination attachment on an Radii Plus curing unit (SDI).

An evaluation of the patient's dentition revealed a failing existing distal-occlusal composite restoration on tooth No. 12 that was placed in June 2008. In addition, there was a development of a mesial marginal ridge fracture of that same tooth, which I identified with the use of the SDI diagnostic attachment.

Using these tools, the diagnosis was that a Class II restoration on the mesial, occlusal, and distal surfaces was needed. I discussed this diagnosis with the patient as well as the treatment option of a direct composite restoration. The patient agreed.

The patient chose this option for its direct and conservative approach. She also wanted to have a tooth-colored restoration. I decided to use a modified resin cone technique1 that I developed using Beautifil Flow Plus 00 and 03 (Shofu) with ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL bonding agent (BISCO) to reduce the polymerization shrinkage and internal stresses that can develop with typical composite restorations.

The final outcome resulted in a very successful mesial-occlusal-distal restoration.


Modified Resin Cone Restorative Technique

  • Place an appropriate matrix and wedge system and use a total- or self-etching bonding agent on the restoration.
  • Use Beautifil Flow Plus 00 (Shofu) in the proximal box and cure the material.
  • Place more Beautifil Flow Plus 00 in either the other proximal box or at the point farthest away from the previously placed material. Cure the material.
  • Fill the space between the 2 Beautifil Flow Plus 00 resin cones that were placed and cured with Beautifil Flow Plus 03 (Shofu). This step will connect the 2 previous segments together. Cure the material.
  • Remove the matrix and wedge.
  • Trim and polish the completed restoration.


Comisi After


Comisi Before


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