D.T. Light-Post Illusion X-RO

Published Date 10/01/2013

BISCO's esthetic post offers excellent retention, high radiopacity, and exceptional strength.

The D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO is BISCO's cutting-edge esthetic and light-transmitting post, maintaining all of the features and clinical history of the original D.T. LIGHT-POST with a range of added benefits. Along with greater radiopacity, retention, and strength, D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO offers BISCO's proprietary color-on-command technology.

Now You See It...

D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO's color-oncommand feature allows the post to virtually disappear when it is placed intraorally, blending into the natural dentition. However, if retreatment or removal is necessary, the post reappears when sprayed with cold water, simplifying visualization. Additionally, the intrinsic color of each of the 4 post sizes serves as a convenient tool in identifying corresponding color-coded drills. And because the post colors match the drill markings, the clinician can distinguish one size from another--before and after placement.

Further aiding visualization and diagnostics, D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO is exceptionally radiopaque, 50% greater than previous generations of D.T. LIGHT-POSTS to reach 340% of aluminum equivalent (ISO Standard #4049). The radiopacity of the post itself varies from 360% (size 0.5) to 730% (size 3).

Physical Properties

Corrosion-free and biocompatible, D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO is comprised of unidirectional, pretensed fi bers in a resin matrix. A specialized silane coupling agent increases the bond between the fiber and the epoxy matrix for enhanced strength. D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO exhibits a flexural strength of 1800 MPa, high shear strength and fatigue resistance, and an elastic modulus similar to natural dentin. The result is uniform stress distribution.

The optimal surface roughness of D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO increases push-out bond strength to the post by 33%, eliminating the need for chairside silane coating or other surface treatment. Anatomical Design University of Montreal developers used thousands of measurements from hundreds of endodontically treated teeth to create the diameters and tapers of D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO. The resulting posts adapt to the treated canal, rather than the reverse.

The top of the post is not tapered, providing a stronger core. The mid-portion features a variable coronal taper for exceptional post adaptation. The apical end has a conservative 0.02 taper. Incidentally, the D.T. in the brand name denotes "double taper."

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