SURGITEL Ergonomic Loupes and LED Headlights

Published Date 11/13/2020


Ergonomic Loupes and LED Headlights

Designed to maximize comfort, SurgiTel's lightweight loupes and uniform LED headlights enhance visualization and promote comfortable posture

led loupes from surgitelHolding your head in the same position for hours while working is an occupational hazard—and yet, as all dentists are aware, it's an unavoidable reality. While musculoskeletal disorders are the primary culprit of dentists taking early retirement, chronically poor posture can lead to neck and back discomfort after only a few short years of practice. When this happened to Stephen Lasslo, DDS, who has been using various loupe-and-headlight systems for the past 10 years, he knew he needed to try something different.

"Many of my colleagues had expressed similar discomforts, and one in particular mentioned he had started using SurgiTel loupes to alleviate the pain," the Wrightstown, WI, clinician said. "That’s when I decided to make the switch, too."

Improving Posture and Visualization

After working with his SurgiTel representative to find a solution that would offer both comfort and clarity—a 4.5x magnification loupe on an Ergo Max frame, along with a High Intensity Mini LED headlight—Dr. Lasslo quickly realized that his new SurgiTel loupes were superior to the other loupe-and-headlight systems he had used.

"For me, the biggest difference is how steep the declination angle is," he stated. "At 45°, it supports a more upright posture so you don't have to tip your head as far forward. So, my posture is better, which decreases soreness in my neck and back. These loupes have definitely improved how I feel."

Along with more comfortable posture, Dr. Lasslo's SurgiTel headlight features superior beam quality and a more uniform circle of light that helps him visualize the working area without any color change, regardless of working distance. "The LED light is warmer and more comfortable on my eyes than a bright or bluish white light," he said. "If anybody asks me about loupes, I tell them that SurgiTel is the best."

Stephen Lasio, DDS
"At 45°, the declination angle supports a more upright posture and decreases soreness in my neck and back."
-Stephen Lasio, DDS


Ther ERGO Advantage

•Advanced magnification and unique tilt angles to reduce strains, pains, and long-term injury
•Patented posture-enhancing technology
•Powerful LED technology for true coaxial illumination and a shadowless working area
•Weight-distributing frames for all-day comfort
•A partnership with Oakley that offers sturdy and stylish frames

Visit the ErgoPractice News page on the SurgiTel website to review articles by industry experts on magnification, LED headlights, face shields, and more.

SurgiTel Oakley Loupes
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