Esthetic Post and Core Buildup

Published Date 05/16/2013

A 48-year-old male patient presented with tooth No. 14 having an existing crown and prior endodontic therapy. Due to recurrent decay, the crown was replaced.

First, the patient was anesthetized with 0.5 carps of Septocaine (Septodont), and a quadrant impression of the upper left arch was taken using Alginot (Kerr) for temporary crown fabrication.

The existing crown was then removed, followed by decay and existing build-up. On evaluation of the understructure, proper treatment required placing a post and new core build-up. A FibreKleer4X Post System (Pentron Clinical) was selected, and the drill size 1.25mm (yellow) created the post space. The corresponding post color (yellow) was checked for fit.

OptiBond XTR (Kerr) was selected for the adhesion process and light cured using Demi Plus. RelyX Unicem 2 cement (3M ESPE) was mixed, syringed into the canal, and the post lightly covered. The post was seated with firm pressure and excess was wiped away with dry microbrush.

Build-It FR Gold (Pentron Clinical) was syringed around the post and mounded to create a core. Gold was selected to mask the dentinal discoloration of the prior restoration. This was light cured using Demi Plus (Kerr) and shade match was achieved.

To complete treatment, tooth No. 14 was prepared for an all-porcelain coverage crown with the Midwest Stylus ATC (DENTSPLY Professional). Appropriate diamond burs were used for crown preparation and smoothing. A triple tray (closed bite) impression was taken utilizing Take 1 Advanced material (Kerr). And finally, a temporary crown was fashioned from the initial Alginot quadrant impression using Temphase (Kerr) and then temporarily cemented with Integrity TempGrip (DENTSPLY Caulk).

The end result was an esthetic restoration that hid the discoloration caused by the previous restoration.

Case PFM crown

Case adhesion build-up

Case cured build-up

Build-It FR
Pentron Clinical
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