Published Date 04/06/2015

Strong and durable indirect cementation in one easy-to-use kit.

To develop DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL adhesive resin cement, Bisco researchers used feedback from practicing clinicians looking for a reliable way to seat the latest-generation, super-strong, indirect restorations. The researchers applied these user suggestions to the more than-18 years of proven success with DUO-LINK composite luting cement to create DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL, which was launched at the Greater New York Dental Meeting late last fall. It will make its splashy “official” debut during the 2013 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting at the end of February.

For more than 3 decades, in-house research and an ear for customer needs have been a tradition at Bisco, founded by and named after chemist Dr. Byoung I. Suh. Starting in 1981, Bisco was focused on resin composites, but soon branched out into adhesive technology and continues exemplary R&D on an array of dental material categories. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL adhesive resin cement is the latest result of this culture of innovation and user focus.

For All Indirects

DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL provides high-strength cementation for newer indirects like lithium disilicate, zirconia, and alumina as well as for more traditional materials like glass ceramics, metal, and composite. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is offered in a kit that also contains ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL light-cured adhesive, Z-PRIME PLUS, and Porcelain Primer—all materials needed to cement virtually any indirect restoration. The practice only has to inventory 1 kit for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts/dowels fabricated of any available materials, conventionally or via chairside or lab CAD/CAM techniques.*

Making It Simple

DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is formulated for ease of handling and easy removal of excess cement. It comes in an automix dual-syringe delivery system that provides a consistent mix with no guesswork and enables immediate direct dispensing. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is highly radiopaque for instant identification on radiographs and simplified, accurate diagnosis. Additionally, it is less sensitive to operatory and curing light for an extended gel phase and sufficient time to complete multiple restorations. DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL is compatible with self-, total- and selective-etch procedures.

Strong Points

Regardless of the curing mode, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL exhibits a high degree of conversion to help ensure a strong, durable restoration. It has been shown to provide an industry-leading shear bond strength of close to 30 MPa when light cured and just over 25 MPa when self cured.** DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL also offers high wear resistance and low film thickness for complete seating.


The 2 shades of DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL cover all esthetic requirements. With some translucency at low film thickness, the Universal shade can be used with most restorations. The more-opaque Milky White shade can be used to mask darker tooth preparations.

One for All

To simplify and satisfy all indirect cementation needs, the DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL SYSTEM KIT contains all required materials and accessories.

Compatible with all materials, ALLBOND UNIVERSAL adhesive combines etching, priming, and bonding in 1 bottle; it is ethanol/water-based for exceptional bonding to dentin as well as to cut and uncut enamel.

The kit includes 2 primers to accommodate all indirect substrates. Z-PRIME Plus enhances bonding when used as a surface treatment for zirconia and alumina metal oxide ceramics, as well as other types of metals/alloys, composites, and endodontic posts. Enhancing wettability, Porcelain Primer silane coupling agent is used to improve bonding between porcelain restorations and resin cements; it also protects porcelain restorations from contamination, increases mechanical and chemical bonding of resin to the porcelain, and prevents leakage at the bonding interface. Both Z-PRIME Plus and PORCELAIN PRIMER are specifically formulated to provide high bond strengths without requiring light-curing.

Supplied in the DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL SYSTEM KIT are an 8-g automix dual-syringe of DUOLINK UNIVERSAL, a 6-mL bottle of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, 2 mL of Z-PRIME Plus, and 3 mL of Porcelain Primer along with all necessary accessories and instructions/MSDS. All material components are available individually as well.

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